Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Perrier Water Is It Good For Digestion Is Sparkling Mineral Water (Perrier) Good For You?

Is sparkling mineral water (Perrier) good for you? - perrier water is it good for digestion

I have a couple of Y! a series of questions and the verdict seems mixed. is good for you, it's terrible for you. aids digestion, helps your teeth do rot and damage to other organs. I've also seen someone say that carbon dioxide has on your body is hard to break. I have also heard that your metabolism is slower.

Bebo Perrier (not every day or almost) because I got used to the taste and dissolves the stomachs I get angry sometimes. So what happened? Someone know if it's good or bad for you?


Kyle & Megan said...

Carbonation is just gas .. Perrier water is carbonic acid. I like the taste of mineral water .. its not bad for you ..

CO2 .. and guess what just burp it out! lol ..

For example .. take his Perrier and stir and let stand for one day .. the taste of plain water regularly ..

Your stomach is digested, the CO2 is not b / c its just a gas ..
Carbon dioxide is the main gas, but still water is carbonic acid H2CO3 ...

This can help ..

"Sparkling mineral water is a major source of dental erosion. Although the potential dissolution of the carbonated water is even higher water remain low: In comparison, cola beverages to a decay rate of several hundred times higher than normal bottled water. Degassing of mineral water a bubble reduces the potential for resolution, but the levels remain relatively low, suggesting that carbonation of drinks may not be important cause of dental erosion [5].

Vending machine consumption was not associated withneglect increased risk of fractures in observational studies, and the net effect of the ingredients of soft drinks in the amount of calcium in the body, so that carbonated water as harmless as ordinary water [5]. "

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